Udo Jingu

Udo Jingu, also familiarly called “Udo-san,” is one of the most well-known shrines in the southern part of Miyazaki Prefecture.

This unusual shrine features a vivid vermillion pavilion inside a cave on a finger of Point Udozaki, reaching out into the Pacific.
The rolling waves of the Pacific breaking onto the curious shapes of rocks and reefs add to the beauty of this setting.
Visitors throw “Undama” clay balls―men with their left hand and women with their right―making a wish. If the Undama lands inside the “Masugata” concave of the Kameishi rock, your wish is said to come true. Come and try your luck!
A “Shan Shan Uma Dochu-uta National Competition” is held every March.

Shan Shan Uma

Up until the early Taisho period, people in Miyazaki practiced the tradition of visiting Udo Jingu when they get married.
The newly-weds would travel the “Nanaura Nanatouge” path along the tortuous coastline and across mountains in the traditional travel wear of hand-wrist covering, gaiters, and straw sandals to worship.
The name of this tradition comes from the sound of the bells attached to a beautifully decorated horse mounted by the bride and reined by the groom.


3232 Miyaura, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki